Ratan Tata’s Survey: How to Make India a Land of Equal Opportunities?

Ratan Tata has recently asked a question on twitter – “What should we do to make India a land of equal opportunity for all, free of prejudice and discrimination?” on 11th march, 2012. As you can imagine, it had big response. In all, there were more than 600 replies.
When we looked at this question, and many of the replies, we wanted to check what the replies meant in aggregate. That’s why, we put a word cloud together. In simple, what we did was, we put all the responses at one place. Then we eliminated all re-tweets and frivolous replies. We also merged similar words into one. E.g. Political and Politics were merged into Politics. Then we built a word cloud. If a word repeats, then that word gets higher weight and so bigger font size. Contrary to this, if a word repeats fewer times, then it will be in smaller font. Check out the word cloud below:

An obvious yet a surprising fact is that Education is the broad theme emerging from the tweets to make India a land of equal opportunity free of prejudice and discrimination. Surprisingly, Politics and Government seem to have a lesser role to play. Money, Finance or other terms related to finance also did not figure prominently.

I hope you can review the word cloud and the tweets to come up with your own insights. Please do share them in comments.


About the Author:  Chaitanya Sagar is the CEO of Perceptive Analytics. Perceptive Analytics is a Data Analytics Company focused on Web Analytics and Visualizations. Our approach is to develop deep domain expertise and do rigorous analysis so we can develop strategies to keep you ahead. Vaishnavi Kandala, A business associate with Perceptive Analytics helped in writing this article.