Perceptive Analytics Won the Fidelity Data Challenge. 54 Companies from Around India Participated in this Challenge. 

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Winner - Fidelity Data Challenge

Perceptive Analytics won the three day Fidelity Data Challenge held in Bengaluru that saw 54 companies compete for the coveted title.

NETFLIX Hackathon Awardee

Perceptive Analytics won an award at NETFLIX Hackathon conducted by Tableau at Tableau Conference, 2018, New Orleans, Louisiana.


Perceptive Analytics recognized as one of the 10 Emerging Analytics Startups in India to watch for in 2016

We Help Companies Around the World Make Better Decisions with Data

Perceptive Analytics is a trusted partner to global clients across multiple sectors, with deep knowledge of retail, e-commerce and pharmaceutical industries. We generate insights that transform businesses, streamlining operations and substantially lifting profits.

An Emerging Leader

Analytics India magazine has called Perceptive Analytics one of the top 10 companies to watch in the field, and for good reason. Over the past seven years, we’ve served over 350 clients, with 70% repeat business. Our client roster includes Fortune 500 and NYSE companies in the USA and India.

Companies that need specialized data analytics, business intelligence and reporting turn to us. We thrive on the most complex projects, where our keen analysis can generate game-changing results, and we have the track record to prove it.

But analysis isn’t all we do. We’re also consummate consultants, building great relationships one engagement at a time. When you work with Perceptive Analytics, you’ll enjoy personal service, total clarity on our process and the kind of communication that makes complex data crystal clear.

Choose How You Work with Us

Perceptive Analytics is based out of Hyderabad with hoteling offices in New York, San Francisco and Miami. We make it easy for US-based clients. Choose between partnering with us remotely or in-person, where we work alongside your team in real-time. Rather have accelerated timelines? Working remotely may be right for you. Time zone differences mean that while you’re sleeping, our India team is working.

The Perceptive Analytics Advantage

Perceptive Analytics attracts sought-after analytical, technical, statistical, and business consulting minds because of our reputation. We recruit the best through a rigorous hiring process, and we cultivate a high-performing team. US companies enjoy world-class service and second-to-none results at a competitive rate.

At Perceptive Analytics, we pride ourselves in being technology agnostic. That means we use your preferred tools and work alongside your existing processes. Our data analytics expertise is transferable across solutions.

We Make Life Easier

We’re always thinking about what keeps our clients up at night. When you work with Perceptive Analytics, you don’t need to worry about:

  • Actionable Results: We live by a five-second principle. Every report we deliver must make business sense in a matter of just five seconds.
  • Project Management: We provide total clarity on the process, costs and timelines. Frequent updates are guaranteed.
  • Knowledge-Transfer: Our analysts build your in-house expertise by showing the thinking behind our results. And because we use clients’ preferred software, you’re better able to reproduce our techniques.
  • Information Security: Our secure information infrastructure protects confidentiality, integrity and availability. This includes access control (identification, authentication, authorization on a need-to-know basis) and cryptography.
  • Robust Infrastructure: We have 24x7 power backup; 200 Mbps internet connection with a 10 Mbps backup connection; and zero downtime in the past year.

What We Stand For

Perceptive Analytics is driven by values that underpin everything we do. Here’s what we stand for.

  • Earn Respect: We strive to earn respect from every interaction and from every stakeholder of the company.  Respect, ethics, and integrity underscore our solution and people practices.
  • Intelligence: We compete for the smartest analysts on the market, and apply our best analytical work to every project.
  • Outcomes: We deliver measurable value with a high ROI, proven through case studies.
  • Relationships: Data can be cold, but we offer personalized, responsive service with a door-always-open policy.
  • Transparency: We want customers to understand our process every step of the way. What’s more, we want them to understand their data as well as we do. That’s why we’re experts at data visualization, to make the opaque transparent.
  • Big Vision: We’re driven to create a world-class company leveraging India’s renowned talent. But we don’t measure our success in growth alone. Doing business ethically and creating an enviable work environment is just as important.

To experience the Perceptive Analytics difference, contact us today.

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