We help integrate Tableau into your business


How we can help you use Tableau

Who we are, and why we can help
  • We are a BI and analytics consulting company and Tableau is our focus area.
  • We help companies use Tableau and build and maintain self-service BI.
  • From Tableau integration strategy, adding consultants to your team, creating dashboards or training your team, we can help you in anything that involves Tableau.
  • CIOReview has chosen us as a TOP 20 Most Promising Data Analytics Company.
  • We get results, which is why marquee brands have chosen to work with us.
  • To know how we can help you, you can schedule a free consulting call with us. There are no charges for this call. There is no commitment or obligation.

How we can help achieve your BI goals

1. Implement your self-service BI Strategy

From strategy road map, stake holder management, architectural blue print and implementation planning, we can help in implementing effective self-service BI.

We can create data warehouses, do ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and power your BI strategy with Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

To know how we can help you, just ask for a free discovery session with us. No risk or obligation.

2. Enhance your Tableau / BI Team
  • Our Team (Onsite or Offshore) can seamlessly integrate into your team so you can speed up your implementation.
  • Our team can help you in project management, business analysis, data visualization or server configurations.
  • To know how to add our consultants to your team, just ask for a free session with us. There are no charges for this session.
3. Create compelling data visualizations
  • We create insightful visualizations that help you deep dive into your business and help you make decisions.
  • In under 5 seconds, we aspire, you will start to interpret and start analyzing your vizs.
  • We focus on key drivers of LOB (line of business) and fine tune so users can make decisions and identify opportunities fast.
  • To know how we can help you create vizs for you, you can ask for a demo of our top five vizs. This session is free.

Visualize Large Amounts of Data

Find game changing insights in data
Tableau Consultants, Tableau Developer

From Big Picture to Details to Action

Get the right amount of info to make decisions
Tableau Consultants, Tableau Developer

Drill Down and Take Action

Make Vizs contribute to your business results
Tableau Consultants, Tableau Developer

Schedule a FREE sessionNo Risk, No Obligation

Tableau Consultants, Tableau Developer
Tableau Consultants, Tableau Developer Tableau Consultants, Tableau Developer


You have crafted a powerful analytical tool for us. Thank you.

Tableau Consultants, Tableau Developer
Alan Benjamin Vice President, Real Estate at Cinemark

The team exceeded my expectations. I recommend Perceptive Analytics.

Tableau Consultants, Tableau Developer
Samir Lavani, CFO, Pearl Hospitality

Perceptive Analytics is committed to delivering the best results and doing it for a great value.

Tableau Consultants, Tableau Developer
Neal Mody Managing Director, Zoic Capital

Perceptive Analytics has been thorough and responsive.

Tableau Consultants, Tableau Developer
Bernie ShalveyCertainTeed Corporation
Tableau Consultants, Tableau Developer

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