In this article, we will show you how to speed up the loading of your Tableau workbook when you are dealing with a huge dataset.

The Workbook Loaded in 5 Minutes and 19 Seconds

We were dealing with a dataset that has 27 million rows. This dataset has information about movies, their genres and ratings.

We made three visualizations-

count of movie

Image 1

count of rating

Image 2

avg rating

Image 3

These vizs have Titles filter in common.

genres by movies

The last two vizs are made using fields from the Ratings dataset, which is a huge dataset with 27 million rows. The first viz is made using Movies dataset which is relatively very small.

Now when we apply filter on any of the sheets. The workbook takes 5 min 19 sec to load. The reason is, the filter being common will be applied to all the selected sheets and since the dataset is huge, the vizs take time to load.


Changing the filter setting and applying the Titles filter individually to the worksheets. Now, if we apply filter to any of the sheets, the other vizs stay unaffected.

The same workbook now takes 0.65 sec to load, that is 99.8% lesser time.

time comparison

To Conclude

When you are dealing with a huge dataset having multiple visualizations which have common filters, applying the filters individually works better than applying the filters to the selected worksheets altogether. It reduces the load time and improves the performance significantly.

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