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Delhi’s ODD-EVEN Rule: You Think It’s Fair? Not True!

Analytics company Perceptive Analytics reveals that odd numbered cars are inherently at an advantage and get 4% higher access to Delhi roads


January 12, 2016  

You would think that both odd and even numbered cars have equal access to the Delhi Roads? However, if you are a car owner with an even registration number, you may get lesser chances to use the road. A detailed analysis for 2016 to 2020 by Perceptive Analytics, a Hyderabad based analytics company, reveals that the odd numbered cars have an unfair advantage.

“The calendar gives an inherent advantage to odd numbers because it has seven months with thirty-one days which means seven more odd numbered days. 2016 is a leap year and you get a bonus with February 29th,” said Chaitanya Sagar, CEO, Perceptive Analytics, “Our analysis found that this adds up to 7 extra days for odd numbered cars over even.”

Bonus: Odd numbered cars can drive for 4 continuous days, TWICE!

The analysis further reveals that odd numbered cars also get four continuous days of access in 2016 while even numbered cars can drive just for one day during that period. This happens twice – once in February [Feb 27th – Mar 1] and again in October [Oct 29th – Nov 1].

In addition, ODD numbered cars get 10% higher two day consecutive drives. This happens consistently in all years.

How to offset the advantage: Make 3 odd dates drivable for Even numbered cars instead of odd cars

Delhi government can offset this advantage by giving three of the odd days to even numbered cars instead of odd cars. Those can include the days from Feb 27th to Mar 1 and Oct 29 to Nov 1 – ideally, Feb 29th and Oct 31.

About the Analysis   

Perceptive Analytics has simulated the odd-even driving rule for all days in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. We then tabulated the number of days that the odd and the even numbered cars can drive. We analyzed the information to arrive at the conclusions we presented in this article. If you would like to view complete analysis, please visit our website: Delhi’s ODD EVEN Rule Analysis.

About Perceptive Analytics

Perceptive Analytics is an emerging leader in marketing data analytics. With sound technical and domain knowledge, Perceptive Analytics is a trusted partner for its clients and provides data analytics solutions in Pharma, Retail and e-commerce industries. With its Offices in New York, San Francisco and Miami, Perceptive Analytics has a proven track record in providing result driven solutions to large and medium sized companies globally across USA and India.

Goutami Chitrapu, Saurabh Sood, Krishna Kishore Neelamraju and Vivek Singh contributed to this analysis.

Chaitanya Sagar

Hyderabad (India)

Survey 91, SVK premises
Greenlands Colony
Hyderabad, AP 500032

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