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Welcome to Perceptive Analytics. I am Chaitanya Sagar, Founder and CEO.

Data is the new oil. And Analytics is the engine delivering value. We are analytics partners so that you can use the insights we derive to better serve customers, generate more business and improve operations.

Check out our case studies on this page. If you are looking for an analytics partner, it is likely that we will be able to help you. On our team are data scientists and consultants who can understand your problem and potentially give you a solution. I encourage you to contact us.

We offer free, no-risk, no-obligation consultation. So go ahead, get in touch with us!

Chaitanya Sagar

CEO & Founder
Perceptive Analytics



Supply chain analytics
Inventory Analytics
Demand Forecasting
IOT data analytics


Value at Risk (VaR) Analytics
Fraud Analytics
Up sell / Cross-sell Analytics
Loyalty Analytics


Visual Analytics
Clinical Prediction
Survival Analytics
Temporal Data Mining


Amazon Effectiveness
Product Recommendation
Pricing Analytics
Marketing Mix Modeling
Segmentation and Profiling
Attribution Modeling
Assortment Optimization
Market Basket Analysis


Market Basket Analysis
Assortment Optimization
Pricing Analytics
Loyalty Analytics
Sales forecasting
Inventory & Vendor Management
Workforce Analytics
Fraud Detection & Loss Prevention

Utilities & Resources

Predictive Asset Maintenance
Demand Forecasting
Trading Optimization
Load Optimization
Fraud Detection
Network Loss Prevention

Our Work

Case Study - Adwords Spend Optimization

Use Data Science to Optimize AdWords Campaign

Our AdWords Spend Optimizer automates the process of optimizing and reallocating budget in AdWords and other campaigns.

Download Now
Case Study - Markdown Optimization

Optimize Mark Downs

Based on physical and other attributes of SKUs, our algorithms analyze response to past mark downs and uses them to optimize mark downs on a periodic basis at the SKU/store level.

Download Now
Case Study - Marketing Mix Model

Optimize Marketing Spend with Marketing Mix Modeling

Use data from your marketing campaigns and data science to optimize your marketing campaigns and improve ROI on marketing dollars.

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Why us?

Outperform Competition

Our Data experts have developed a lot many tools to improve your current marketing efforts and outperforming your competition.

Better Budget allocation

Our Data Experts can help you save ~30% of your Marketing expenditure while increasing the productivity by ~70%.

Domain Knowledge

With Perceptive Analytics you will be associated with Data experts who have strong domain knowledge and has worked with many listed Fortune 1000 companies.

Improved Campaigns

Our Data scientists can help you optimize your existing campaign and reallocate current resource to delivery stronger results.

About us

20 Most Promising Data Analytics Solution Providers 2018

10 Most Promising Big Data Analytics Companies 2018

Top 10 Emerging Analytics Companies To Watch for 2016

Chaitanya Sagar

Viz expert, presented papers in international conferences

Meenakshi M
B.Tech, MBA

Business Intelligence and
Analytics Expert

Our Team

Tableau, BI and SQL Experts

How It Works

Initial Consultation

Our best-in-industry (and friendly!) consultants ascertain your needs and suggest alternatives.


We give you a solid proposal and give you the scope and estimate so costs and deliverables are predictable.

Start Project

Once you are all set, we start project. It may involve small payment or signing of contract.

Calls & Frequent Updates

We demo mock ups, and seek clarifications and send you updates so you are on top of the project.


Once we finish work, we demo our work and incorporate your feedback.

Secure Data

We access data through Virtual Private Network, or cloud or through remote desktop so make sure your data is always secure.


You have crafted a powerful analytical tool for us. Thank you.
Alan Benjamin

Vice President, Real Estate at Cinemark

The team exceeded my expectations. I recommend Perceptive Analytics.
Samir Lavani

CFO, Pearl Hospitality

Perceptive Analytics is committed to delivering the best results and doing it for a great value.
Neal Mody

Managing Director, Zoic Capital

Perceptive Analytics has been thorough and responsive.
Bernie Shalvey

CertainTeed Corporation


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