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Find out how your most valuable customers shop

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Stay on top of Sales Trends

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Stay on top of Quota Attainment

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Awesome Tableau Consultants at Perceptive Analytics
Experts in data visualization

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At Perceptive Analytics, we love Data Visualizations and Tableau. We partner with companies to implement Data driven decision making culture.

Our clients include Medtronic (Fortune 200), Papa Johns, Saint Gobain, Blue Apron and Tata Group.

We love how data vizs help summarize large amounts of data and help unravel underlying patterns. And most of all, how you can communicate your insights to those who need them.

Our team includes Data Viz specialists and SQL experts. Our CEO, Chaitanya Sagar hosts a popular webinar on how to use Tableau and data vizs to unlock value in data. He also made presentations in international data analytics conferences.

We would love to work with you. The best way to reach us is to use this form below. Or you can directly write to our CEO, Chaitanya Sagar at or call us at + 1(415) 287-3800. All voice mails will be returned in 8 hours. We look forward to hearing from you!.

Tableau Integration Strategy

From evaluating fitment to implementing Tableau Online and Server, we can do what it takes to integrate Tableau into your business.

Dashboard Design

We create compelling dashboards that drive value for your business and those that your team can easily operate.

Long-Term or Short-Term

We are available for long-term or short term assignments. From ad hoc analysis to transformation projects, we are here to help.

Performance Fine Turning

We can fine tune your Tableau Desktop and Server to run at the best possible performance it can offer.

Onsite Availability

If you would like us to work at your offices or remotely, we are open to both options to ensure we deliver business results.

Thought Leadership

We host a monthly webinar focused on Tableau and our team has presented papers in international data analytics conferences.

Data Security
We understand the importance of your data. We are HIPAA compliant and we take data security seriously. We use tools like VPN and Remote desktop based on the needs of our clients.

How It Works
After our initial Free Consultation, we get started by signing off a Non-disclosure agreement with our clients. We discuss with your team to understand the pain points and provide you mockups and once you approve, we create visualizations and dashboards. We can also work on improving your current visualizations.

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Perceptive is a Top 10 data analytics co. to watch
(Analytics India Magazine) serving Fortune 500 companies.