Tableau Integration Strategy

From evaluating fitment to implementing Tableau Online and Server, we can do what it takes to integrate Tableau into your business.

Dashboard Design

We create compelling dashboards that drive value for your business and those that your team can easily operate.

Long-Term or Short-Term

We are available for long-term or short term assignments. From ad hoc analysis to transformation projects, we are here to help.

Performance Fine Tuning

We can fine tune your Tableau Desktop and Server to run at the best possible performance it can offer.

Onsite Availability

If you would like us to work at your offices or remotely, we are open to both options to ensure we deliver business results.

Thought Leadership

We host a monthly webinar focused on Tableau and our team has presented papers in international data analytics conferences.

Viz Gallery

Game Data Visualization

Find your most loyal users and manage attrition

excel apps

Tableau Expert, Tableau Consultant

[Retail/ E-commerce] RFM Segmentation

Find out how your most valuable customers shop

excel apps

Tableau Expert, Tableau Consultant

Salesforce Visualization

Stay on top of Sales Trends

excel apps

Tableau Expert, Tableau Consultant

[Salesforce] Quota Attainment and Weekly Progress Review

Stay on top of Quota Attainment

excel apps

Tableau Expert, Tableau Consultant


We are a full spectrum Business Intelligence Consultant

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Chaitanya Sagar MBA

Viz expert, presented papers in international conferences

Meenakshi M B.Tech, MBA

Business Intelligence and Analytics Expert

Our Team

Tableau, BI and SQL Experts





Initial Consultation

Our best-in-industry (and friendly!) consultants ascertain your needs and suggest alternatives.



We give you a solid proposal and give you the scope and estimate so costs and deliverables are predictable.


Start Project

Once you are all set, we start project. It may involve small payment or signing of contract.


Calls & Frequent Updates

We demo mock ups, and seek clarifications and send you updates so you are on top of the project.



Once we finish work, we demo our work and incorporate your feedback.


Secure Data

We access data through Virtual Private Network, or cloud or through remote desktop so make sure your data is always secure.

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