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Route Optimization Case Study

The client is a logistics company with around 250 branches and operating around 300 trucks. The client has a traditional hub and spoke network with 10 transshipments. The routing and scheduling of the trucks was decentralized at each branch creating a repetition of services on the same routes. The challenge for the company was to develop a process that can be centrally monitored to make the routing of the trucks more easily accessible to the top management.

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Business Model

Business Model for a Hedge Fund

The client has started a closed-ended hedge fund of $15 MM. With three types of investments available, each with a different rate of return and associated risk, the client wanted to analyze the returns under various scenarios.

Faced with this challenge, the client approached Perceptive Analytics to build a model that tracks the performance of the fund and recommends action to obtain maximum return for the selected scenario.

Our model helped the client as a decision support tool for investments in various instruments. The client was also able to optimize the risk by balancing the funds amongst various investments.

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Perceptive Analytics download case study

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